Remember When There Was Less Technology

Who Looks at the Sky Today? Everyone Focused on Their Cell Phones, Sitting  Indoors on Laptops or Gaming Devices. Last Century Children Would Lie and Look at the Sky in Wonder. Making  Images from the Cloud Formations. Times Were Simpler. People Were More Connected With each Other and People Knew Their Neighbors. Today We Are Told that We Need a Higher Bandwidth and More Satellites for Faster Communications Because of the Amount of Subscribers or Can It Surveillance Related Or? Continual Updates- Why? Totally Unaware of the Consequences We Accept the Narrative. Is It Because Our Minds Have Been Molded to Believe Everything We are Told, Shown or Hear in the Media ?  We Want Convenience and The Newest Technology etc. The Old Saying was Keeping Up With the Jones’s. What’s in our Water Supply, Our Life Source? There are Alternative ways to Purify Our Water? No One Ever Questions Anything and It’s All Out There, We are Determining Our Own Fate. Are We Going to Remain in Denial or Reluctant to Admit We Have Been Indoctrinated In a Certain Belief System?  We are Told that Everything is an Advance in Technology and Our Lives Will be Better? We Believe It. Do We Believe That No One Would Every Twist or Manipulate the Facts or Data  for Monetary Gain? There is No Excuse for Being Uninformed. Ask the Right Questions and You Will Get the Answers.


Network frequencies for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G explained | by Jeff Ogodogun | Dec, 2021 | Medium. This is probably going to be a good foundation for those who know little on the topic.

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radio frequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G



​This should be enough to get you in the right direction if you choose to investigate