The fact you are here tells me you want to know more  or see what is behind the curtain. Possibly you felt something was not right but with everyday life issues you didn’t know where to turn. This collection of information is meant to help you think past what you hear that molds your mind. Modern technology, greed and unlimited money have made this so easy to achieve. The goal of convincing you of certain ideas and values has never been easier. Knowing your history and the those behind it will make it so much easier to understand.  What you are going to see may be alarming but give it a chance, even if you got to step away and think before you return. Remember Thing Page. You will see statements made by famous people you may know and how they are not whom they say. It’s understandable; you are not the only one that has been taken. Remember this is a just a quick view into what is available and what is happening world wide- You are responsible for connecting the dots and forming your own opinions. This is just a guide to open that doorway.



This is Not Just AFFECTING our Country, This is about global control, and not about any particular party , What is happening has No Barriers or Boundaries. We need to come together by Thinking for ourselves, It is not going away. It’s over when We say its over. Use Common Sense-Self Education, This is about Our Future, Our Children- Grand Children Our Quality and Way of  Life. IT WILL DETERMINE HOW LONG WE LIVE- HOW WE LIVE “OUR FREEDOMS” Our Money, Our Property and Food Sources. Did you know? Bill Gates is the largest farm owner in the US-why? Who controls our money? Our country is a corporation? Books about the reset? Alternative  currency? population control? Countless Doctors and Scientist have come forward. Only the Elite will Be Safe. Do your own research and analyze, Do not be mislead by the minority. Avoid what is shown, without research and not just articles written as opinion with out actual degrees. Do you ever wonder why all reporting is basically the same? Story distractions. The Truth is being withheld. Know your history. Expand your mind.  Don’t be a repeater- research the facts. The truth  is being censored- see how. It is all out there, just ask the correct questions. The world  is Watching how we react, They are many distractions creating fear and divide. The push is still  experimental – There is No Company Liability, Why?  What’s the end game ? Why Protest around the world.  1974 Kissinger Report: You Will Be Alarmed. Statement and quotes from people we know. UN-elected World Billionaires Making Decisions about our Lives, more inside



We live in a society that accepts what they are told and shown without doubt. Nothing is what it seems but you accept in good faith eagerly. Your are living in a bubble of false hope.There is  code of ethics amongst the puppeteers that they must reveal everything that will be implemented. They are relying on your acceptance rather than investigation. They are counting on your reluctance to verify. Everything  happening now was well thought out , executed and  demonstrated prior by global exercises. We have been removed from reality through the means of fear created by the media. You are not going to wake up one day and everything will be normal again. You will be shown the definition of relentless. Don’t let yourself get pulled in and distracted by attempts to divert your focus. You must be aware how to get to the truth withheld instead of what is being shown.  Knowing the truth will determine what happens in our lifetime as well as our descendants. Repeating the narrative from a small amount of individuals has placed us where we are now.  Words are words and unbiased data speaks for itself. It’s not what you hear or see but what is not shown or spoken. Everything is out there if you look. This is a well played  shell game. Keeping our focus based on fear and division. Put aside just for a moment everything you’re told or think is real. Give it a week looking at worldwide news and data from the links tab. See the protest around the world and ask why?  Too much trust can kill you. Time is running out. Don’t wait  till there are food shortages, lock downs, more mandatory orders or worse. There is enough information to raise reasonable doubt using critical thinking. See the whole picture. You have  “Free Will to make your own choice”. Lets keep our Freedom to do so.

There are three types of people:

  • Those who make things happen
  • Those who watch what happens
  • Those who wonder what happened